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Leaving Cert Accounting Predictions
niki1819 Leaving Cert Accounting — 15/06/16 3

What is due to come up in Accounting? Any suggestions?

Jay-98 — 06/06/16
60 marks- suspense,control,revaluation,published,club 100 marks- published,club,service,suspense 80 marks-marginal,but it could be a mix There's a lot of different options there but for some of them I have the same topic as I'm not sure whether it will be 60 or 100 marks If you study these well you will get an A1, hope it helps!
niki1819 — 06/06/16
Thank you!
Lc8/6/16 — 15/06/16
Don't know about an A1.....it one of the 100 markets don't come up you're goosed
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