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    Marking Lc8/6/16

    Is the marking in accounting all or nothing? Like if a figure was worth 6 marks and if you have part of it right so you get some marks or if it's wrong do you just get 0??

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      It depends on your workings. They will go to your workings and see if you got at least some of the figures right. For example, in a club a/c, the subscription working includes the addition/subtraction of several numbers.

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      Supposing five marks were going for the subscriptions answer in the income and expenditure a/c, and you got one figure wrong in your working, they take one mark off the five. I think thats how it works 😮

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      oh ok hopefully thanks

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      for the club account did you take the bad debt from the bar profit or did you just put it into expenses in the income&expenditure?

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