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    Odds of a Cash Flow Statement? Laurax17

    What are the odds of a cash flow statement coming up as Q6 or Q7? I haven't even looked at it because it came up last year as Q6 last year and Q2 the year before but seeing how the SEC have been with other exams this year, I'm worried.

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      We have never done them in class

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      I could be wrong, but my teacher is very prudent, if he didn't do them with us I would trust he has a good reason.

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      I guess that's a good sign then haha?

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      You could always just scan over them quickly

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      I'm not focusing on Suspense Questions either so if Cash Flow and Suspense come up, I'm so screwed!

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      The headings for Cash Flow are too much to memorize last minute though

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      Yea I know what you mean, I'm not doing tabular😬

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      Have you done ratios? They are always a safe backup

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      Ratios are my favourite, doing them no matter what! Only hoping for either a service or a published as well

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      I'm avoiding ratios of possible!! Yea same or a club!

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      KL2016 do you have a good teacher? Like does he know what he's on about by leaving out cashflow?

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      In my opinion he's a great teacher. I honestly don't see why he wouldn't do it with us unless he didn't think we needed to. But having said that nobody actually knows what's on the paper, I really doubt it will come up but if you want to be 100% , and if you're grade is very important to you perhaps take a look at it?

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      The people are crazy, for only learning club,service,published and tab, and not doing the ratio question, as a suspense unbelievably extremely likely as q.7 this year.

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      Does anybody know how long you should spend on the cash flow question?

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