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Predictions for today?
Eddie Barry Leaving Cert Accounting — 20/06/16 7

What ye think is coming up?

Cian_8893 — 20/06/16
Lovely paper would be: -Section 1 Manufacturing -Section 2 Ratio and Club -Section 3 Mixed Budget
Eddie Barry — 20/06/16
What about published revaluation debtors control? Do you not reckon they'll come up
Chloe murphy686 — 20/06/16
there predicted ed and he's doing q1 so he doesn't need to know them
timmy_x — 20/06/16
Cian I would cry with happiness if that shows
orlamccarthy — 20/06/16
I think control accs will come up in section 1. I also think that club and suspense will come up in the paper. i'm not entirely sure but that's what i think
Dagan123 — 20/06/16
Section A of the paper has been leaked, it's on my friends snapchat- will.holland
taengoogle.09 — 20/06/16
Bless thy mixed cash and prod budget I'm so glad I learned it hours before the exam.
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