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    service firms jen1293

    Are service firms due up this year?? I didnt cover them at all and my teacher never predicted them, and he's pretty good...

    i have tab/club/suspense and published... am i okay?

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      Clubs pretty similar to a service account. Have a look.

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      I'd put a million euro on it that suspense will come up as Q7 tomorrow and either a club or published, and then service as Q6

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      Why so certain about suspense?

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      Look at the pattern for q.7 yourself, they dont come up as a question 6, and the other two options are an incomplete record and a cashflow, which both came up last year

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      I have sole trader , manufacturing for Q1, club service published suspense incomplete B and ratios for 100markers and production and mixed budget for q9? I am I covered? I don't have tabular, company final accounts or the type of budget that came up last year🙈

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      Told yousr suspense

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