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    Tabular statement - Do you have to draw the grid? Ailbhe123

    For the Tabular statement Q, do you have to draw the grid yourself? Or, is it given on the exam booklet? Thanks!

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      Draw yourself!

      (Does anyone know if you'll still get the marks if you put the bank figure in the assets list but make the figure a negative one?)

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      You should get marks for that there is no reason why you cant record it as a negative current asset

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      Apparently the grid paper will be available on the day but you're probably better off just drawing it yourself. Plus it's completely acceptable to record the bank balance as a negative so don't worry!

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      Yes you definitely get marks for putting bank with a minus in assets!

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      Yes, the grid is available. Ask for Analysed Cash Book or Record Book 1 paper - if you did JC Business it's the same paper you used for the Bank Account in the double entry question. You just have to divide the details column on the right hand page in two to do a Tabular Statement. Don't waste time drawing out a grid when there's no need to.

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      draw the grid / rule the paper yourself the preruled paper is really bad our teacher has told us many times its quicker to rule yourself and it doesnt get confusing with loads of random lines

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