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    Taking up accounting as a repeat saz.97

    So I'm repeating my LC and I was wondering is it a good/bad idea to take up accounting? Is it manageable to learn the whole course in a year? Please help me out thank you !

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      i would not advise it, i'm also repeating the leaving and did honours accounting last year, i found it difficult so im dropping it this year and picking up history in its place. but it all depends in where your strengths lye.

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      I was thinking of taking up either business or accounting, I'm not sure will I or not yet, thank you for your help!

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      our accounting teacher was telling us it would take up the whole two years of 5th and 6th to learn and even then you wouldnt learn it all

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      It does take the full two years tbh! You need one year on q1 and the budgeting and 60m and a full year on 100m

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      Buisness is a really nice course !

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      I actually was going to take up business actually next week haha! I heard it's just all learning.. true ? Is it possible in a year do u think ?

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      Yes the whole subject is basically learning, but very understandable, it does take a lot of time as a subject and you really have to make sure you keep on top of it! With the right teacher who knows your time length you should get it done! Best of luck hope it all works out !

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      Thanks so much for the help!

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