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    Ag Science Interview MadeinWIcklow

    I know it's a fair bit away yet, but has anybody any tips and tricks for the ag science oral?

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      sinead grehan

      mintes next week :( dreading it

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      I had my one with the teacher two weeks ago, I felt so happy with it! I got 94% :)

      There's honestly nothing to worry about if you know your shit, and slurry and haylage (see what I did there).

      It'll be graaand

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      Know your project inside out and make sure you are familiar with each of your experiments (What you did and WHY you did it. Also go over all your plant and animal identifications.

      Generally, the examiner will let you do the talking so try and give longer answers that shows off your knowledge rather than short "yes" "no" type answers.

      Remember only a random selection of four people in your class will be interviewed by the external assessor.

      Best of luck!!

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