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    Ag Science on my own - can it be done? george.watsit

    I'm in 6th year and am thinking of taking up ag science on my own as an eight subject because I am stressing about irish and accounts for points. I already do Biology so I heard there is loads of overlap. Is there much on the course and could I learn it all from a revision book. I would need to get a minimum of a high C to make it worth doing.

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      As an Ag.Science teacher I would not recommend you to even try. You need to do a project and experimental hardback which are worth 25% and the course content is as heavy as the biology one! There is some overlap with the plant science and Genetics but honestly the work you would have to put in is too are only going to spread yourself too thin taking on any extra subject....put your time and focus into the ones you already have it will be worth more to you in the long run!

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      Thanks evansr. I hadnt thought about the practical part Of the course. I think I'll stick with what I have. Thanks for the reply

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