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    Ag science notes Shauna Maguire

    How can I get notes of this site?

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      By chosing a topic and clicking on it then printing out the notes that come up.

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      Shauna Maguire

      When I do that only exam questions come up

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      Google 'Mr Whites Ag Science'. There good notes

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      Stephanie K

      Would any of ye by any chance have any Ag notes that you would mind sharing with me please, I would really appreciate it. Please please

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      stephenie k give me your email and I will send a picture of notes that you need for each chapter. Just tell me the the chapter u want and I will send you a picture of the notes from my super revision book got from the farmer's journal

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      Stephanie K

      Thanks very much!! I have that book!! Does it include everything that I need for each chapter?? Thanks again

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      go to they have free nots for ag and theyre very good

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      Stephanie K

      thanks very much

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