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    Is Agricultural Science tough if you're not a farmer? naxmax9

    Just wondering.

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      Apart from the project, no. However you do need access to a farm of some type for the project.

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      what happens if you dont have access to a farm, Bridgetown1

      i want to do ag science next year so yeah

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      You have to get onto one to take pictures for your project. Some schools organise trips to farms

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      I do Ag Science and i have never been on a farm ever. It helps if you do biology as a subject aswell as there are many over laps in the two subjects. Also the exam question repeat themselves so you can practice them to see if you would be able to answer them

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      Is it easy to pick up if you have missed a few weeks of it ?

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      Yeah you could ask for someones notes or if not there is lots of notes that is on websites

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      It would be hard to do the project if you dont have a farm, because that is all about what you do on the farm and you need to be in load of the pictures to prove you have a farm to get the most marks in it. But the class work is very similar to biology, but more based towards animals (eg pigs Dairy , Beef)

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      i'm in a city in cork city centre its very easy to do if your not a farmer, usually the teacher will have a farm that you can visit for the project. going to the ploughing champs really helps as well xx

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      my school brought me to the ploughing championships to take photos it was easy as everything was there for the photos

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