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    Predictions please for ag science Michelle.des18

    Does anyone know what might come up for ag science this year. Higher level only.

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      máire murphy

      These are predictions that I found yesterday. They might help you!

      I used his predictions for biology and a good bit of his things came up! :)

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      Thank you marie murphy. I have watched it,at the end of the you tube clip he leaves the the list of the predictions he called out some but what about the rest of the predictions that he did not call out was that the same for biology

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      máire murphy

      He justs picks out the most likely topics really. It was the same for biology... He gave the main ones! No problem! Best of luck in your ag science exam! 😃

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      Thank you are you sitting higher level as well

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      That makes sense picking out the likely topics

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      Are you sitting higher level as well. Thank god we have the half the marks going into exam from the project. I was looking at the exampaper of ag science last night a past one its so broad anything could come but hopefully what the man on you tube would come up.

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      máire murphy

      Yes I am also sitting the higher paper! You know the project is only worth 25%? The best thing is to focus on the big topics genetics,dairy etc.

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      Great thank what did you think of the ag science

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