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    Should I take up ag science in 6th year Maggiemoo82

    Hi i was looking for some advice i was thinking of taking up ag science in 6th year id be teaching myself and going to grinds once a week. i do biology and i heard there is a lap over in some of the topics id be aiming for a high grade as id need it for points. is it worth it and will i get the course done in the year

    thanks :)

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      You'll have no problem learning in within one year however the subject is surprisingly harder than most think. It overlaps in biology on a few chapters but not many. For high grade your gona have io make sure you do a very good project and experiment copy which is 25% . If doing

      It yourself mainly I'd strongly advise working out of the exam papers constantly , the questions in exams are trickier than wats in a book. There's no doubt it's easier than some questions but be prepared to work because a high grade won't be easily got. Best of luck next year with it if you do it :)

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      It's not as easy as it's made out to be and you won't breeze into a high grade without some farming experience, wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't come from a farming background to do in 2 years or 1

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      Rachel M

      I'm repeating this year and I took up Ag outside school in October. I found it really easy to do and as long as you're willing to put the work in there's no reason why you can't get a high grade! I worked hard on the project and got the full 25% and I've gotten A's in two mocks! I also don't come from a farming background and knew next to nothing about anything Ag related! If you have a good teacher and study hard it's 100% doable!😊

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      Thanks for your advice everyone. Im still really undecided i know a little bit about farming and im good at biology so ill have to see. I might just begin to study it over the summer and see where that gets me. Thanks again for yere help

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