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    Urgent-Please help-notes needed Stephanie K

    Please can anyone help me. I am struggling with Ag science. Do you have any tips on in to get top marks.

    Please if anyone has notes on Dairy beef soil grassland and fertilisers I would really appreciate it. Please please please

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      i am also struggling with ag science before the mocks but I started to do exam questions on each topics over and over and in my mocks I passed my ag science, so do the ag science topics over and over and you will be fine . trust me you will do good but keep doing the topics over and over because the questions keep repeating.GOOD LUCK

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      Stephanie K

      Thanks very much, I'm inly in 5th year!! Good luck to you with your LC

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      attachment Grassland revision worksheet.pdf

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      Stephanie K

      These are great thanks very much, by any chance would you have anything for potatoes? Thanks so much!!

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      theres a study guide every week in the farmers journal on a different topic our teacher gave them to us every week i found them very helpful. also revise wise ag science book is brilliant well worth the money

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      also if your not good at soil questions just ignore it nobody in our class is studying it because theyre just too hard, since you have a choice of 6 questions to answer out of 9

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      Stephanie K

      Perfect thanks, I definitely won't be doing to soil topic for the exam, I get the farmers journal every week thanks

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      Potatoes - as requested


      attachment Potatoes.pdf

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      Stephanie K

      Thanks very much 😀

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