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    Anyone have DSOG/Institute notes? janemc0

    Just did a preparatory course with DSOG and thought the notes were fantastic (obviously haha). Sadly i can't afford to do the actual weekly courses and get the rest of the notes :( Wondering if anyone has/knows anyone who has notes from either DSOG or the Institute (i hear they're good as well). Will pay, of course.

    I'd love to see the ones for economics too.

    Really need some good resources. Thanks :)

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      I attended the Institute of Education last year and the notes for Economics are, well let's just say simple notes is exactly what you get and in my opinion don't exactly prepare you for the exam. I did all my notes and used every possible resource out there. I am currently still finishing my notes off in Word Format as studying Economics in College and if you want them, I don't mind sharing as I get them done. I research the Syllabus and all past Mock Papers.

      As regards the Dublin School of Grinds, I have gained notes from there as they publish them online and I can give them to you. They would be more so better than the IOE.

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      Wow yeah, that'd be brilliant. I'd be so grateful to get those, my email is if you would send them on.

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