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    Is it possible to teach yourself applied maths. naxmax9

    Just wondering. We don't have an applied maths teacher in our school and i'am wondering if it's possible to be thought by yourself

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      well it would be really hard to teach it yourself. Though it is doable if you are willing to put most of your time in applies maths .... and i mean MOST!

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      Don't waste your time on it. Absolutely disgraceful subject. Most in our year dropped who are straight A physics and maths students.

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      It's not at all a disgraceful subject, but very hard do on your own alright, would need to be very very disciplined. If students were dropping it that way they must just learn off methods and hope for the best with maths and physics because they'll get nowhere in college if they were that easily fazed by applied maths!

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      Its not a disgraceful subject. I know a lot of people that do it and they say its really hard and thats with a very good teacher for it. Would really not recommend self teaching any maths based subject because theyre difficult enough on their own

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      It's not a disgraceful subject. It's actually pretty handy. You can do it on your own, and most people actually do. Get a book, Exam Papers and download marking schemes, make sure to practice past questions and it's really doable. I started not so long ago, and am getting on great. Totally recommend it, but only if you're into maths and physics.

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