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    Keeping on Applied Maths as an eighth subject? theprocrastinator

    Anyone keep on applied maths? Just wondering what the course is like, did you find it difficult etc.! Thank you :)

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      No it's actually not that hard if you're good at math and pay attention in class. You can still forget how to solve problems though, no matter how much you thought you knew them so it's good to keep practicing on your own.

      Good Luck:)

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      I'm going into 6th year and I did it all fifth year.. I didn't do physics and could do it. Having physics is a bonus but can be do-able without it. A good interest in maths in general you should be fine :)

      For revision just use your book ...go over sample questions etc.. practice makes perfect!

      Course of Applied Maths is very beneficial for courses in Maths, Physics and architecture... That sort of thing.

      Best of luck with it!!

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      I would actually say to revise with exam papers only, because the book for revision in my opinion is utterly pointless as the questions are far too easy.

      No the course is not very hard however it all depend on the exam as the questions are designed so you will not have seen them before making them quite difficult,

      But overall very good subject

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      Thank you all, your advice was very useful! :)

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