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    Should I take Applied Maths for LC? ec2406

    Hey all, I was just wondering if I should take Applied Maths for LC. I'm in 3rd year right now but if I were to take this up I'd probably want to start next year to get a good head start. I've heard that it's supposed to be a good subject for those who like Maths and Physics- I love them both and got As in Maths and Science (100% in Physics) in the mocks last month with no study (apart from the half-hour crash course the night before).

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      You seem well able and you could probably do well in it but you could definitely do better in other subjects with much less work

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      @TeacherMan100 That's true I suppose. If I were to do it though, I would only be doing it for the sake of CAO points.

      You see, I'm planning to study: Maths, English, Irish, French, Music, Physics and Chemistry, but my top 6 would probably be all except English. So the reason I'd take Applied Maths is in case another subject (probably French, even though I'm not too bad at it) isn't good enough.

      Any other advice? Thanks :)

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      Applied maths is a great subject. The course is short, you only have to do 6 out of 10 questions, but if you hope to get an A then having a strong natural ability for maths is advisable.

      If you have an interest in maths and physics then applied maths is will benefit you in overlap areas e.g calculus and mechanics. If you have an interest in doing engineering in college then once again applied maths comes in handy as you will

      have a headstart compared to everyone else!

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      Elly Grace

      I say do it. I started it in fifth year with a grinds teacher once a week and I love it. I'm only doing it for the points, as it is my ninth subject and maths is my strong point. I don't do physics but it is still quite easy.

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      If you are any way good at maths/physics do applied maths. The questions are very similar to physics questions in parts and relies on sone logical reasoning, and mathematical ability to solve. Its a surprisingly easy paper (easier than regular maths) and. Quiet an interesting area

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      It's a lot of work but if you have a natural aptitude for maths its a good subject, you dont wvwn really nred physics for it, aplied maths probably helped my physics rather than the other way around . Seems like you'd be able for it. I'm doing it for the same reasons as you and to cover me for the same subjects ahah

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      Oh god my spelling, serious typos there. I'm on my phone you see 😂

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      Should I do it also I got C at maths and I find physics fun and easy

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