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    This is pretty hard, advice please? BootyMasster666

    Hey, I'm just after starting applied maths in fifth year. I want to keep it on since I'm half decent at maths and physics and it really helps. I also hear it gets easier when you cover more stuff like trig in maths. It's so hard at the moment though, We're doing newtons laws of motion at the moment and I'm finding it really hard. Anybody have any advice?

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      Drop it IMMEDIATELY

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      It does get easier but you do have to keep putting the work in. if you think you will have the time keep it up, if not theres no point

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      Keep pushing man! I just started AP and find it very challenging. It's hard but it will pay off!

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      I myself am doing the same thing as you, (higher maths, higher physics and higher applied maths). In physics there is a section called Mechanics, this section is practically applied maths, you do linear and circular motion, newtons laws of motion, vectors and scalars, forces, etc. all of this is done in both subjects apart from the experiments. For the reason, I would advise you to stick with higher level. I personally think that it is unintelligent to move to ordinary.

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      I was in the same position last year.The more questions you do the easier it gets, it's all about practice and if you don't know a certain question just ask your teacher

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      Check out the, it has good nights for Applied maths aswell as physics

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      * notes

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      * notes not nights

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      Don't drop, from experience it really does get easier

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