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    Appreciation Lauraos_97

    Can someone please help me out with a gallery visit appreciation essay!! Really needed thank you

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      Angel Rose

      1st paragraph: Name the gallery and its whereabouts.

      Name the exhibition- who it's curated by, the no.of paintings, what type of exhibition is it etc.

      2nd pargraph: Describe the gallery and its interior- space, decoration (walls and floor), lighting (natural from window or artificial bulbs)

      3rd paragraph: Describe the display- themes of artwork, frames, labels

      4th and 5th pargraphs: talk about 2 chosen works (our teacher always tells us to trust our eyes and describe what you see. So you describe the composition like foreground, middleground, background, colours, lighting, perspective, texture and movement)

      Final paragraph: how did the visit make you feel, how did it help your practical work

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