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    Art history help niamha1

    I'm really struggling with the art history because my teacher isn't 'teaching' it to me, she is bombarding me with notes and telling me to learn them. I'm struggling because I have dyslexia and I feel like I'm not learning/ remembering anything....

    Has anyone got any advice on ways to learn art history/ any good links?

    * I have less stress more success

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      Try going to khan Academy, they have an Art History section. My art teacher uses it quite a lot is well when we are learning about a topic in class. I think it covers most of the leaving art histroy.

      hope this helps! :)

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      The less stress more success is pretty good, as im dyslexic myself I find that writting out points about the artists and then writting a tiny bit about the two of their paintings/artworks/sculptures helps (like subject matter, forground/background/middle, colour and brushwork ..etc) and then print off a picture of the works with the name of it and year.

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