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    Art History prediction Callum199844

    Does anybody think Impressionism is a safe topic to study? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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      I think so, don't forget Manet because he came up on one pre, the other pre was vague and had a question about Impressionism

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      Manet is a part of Impressionism ya? What other impressonist painter would you recommend? Monet?

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      I'll have a look at Manet too thanks 😊

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      I'd look at past papers, Renoir and Monet came up recently. Have you done Picasso for cubism? He hasn't come up in awhile. For me, it's likely there'll be on question of an artist from either cubism, pointillism, surrealism etc, and then another question on Impressionism, for impressionism, it could be a vague question also, because they haven't done that in awhile.

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      @Clarke98 Picasso came up last year

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      @Laura_6299 oh I maybe Dahli or Cezanne then

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      @Clarke98 I'm hoping for Surrealism/Dali myself! Hasn't come up in a couple of years! *fingers crossed*

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      whats the odds on new grange lads I'm dying here

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      Is it a safe bet to have at least one a Renaissance artists or a general question on impressionism?

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      Yeah I think Impressionism will come up maybe learn Monet and Degas and then for Gallery learn Jack B yeats and Caravaggio! You could use Yeats for Irish section either if he comes up!

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