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    Art History predictions 2015 caitlin.meehan

    Any predictions for art history higher level?

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      monet millet and van gogh have good chances of coming up

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      oh and iron age and manuscipts

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      Thank you, hope iron age comes us and Romanesque and Gothic

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      I would revise

      For section 1:

      Iron Age , stone works/carvings , and newgrange.

      For section 2:

      Cezanne , Van Gogh , Manet , Monet

      For Section 3:

      Gallery visit .

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      Thanks so much, Romanesque and Gothic basically comes up every year too so I'll study that!

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      Does the Georgian period not come up every year too for section?

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      does anyone think that they might switch between early renaissance and high renaissance ? I would say raphael had a good chance of coming up

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      Mary kavanagh

      Iron Age, Bronze Age, La Tenè

      Monet, Degas, Renoir, Impressionism

      Gallery visit/ public sculptures

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      I think there is a great chance of metal work, Brunellschi and Raphael coming up.

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      hi, I missed the gallery visit due to a family wedding. Can anyone help by sharing information please or is there an easier question I culd do for section 3?

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      graphic design is another option you could go for, look at the past papers for the appreciation section it looks like an alright question if you cant do the museum visit

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      i heard raphael nearly positive to come up?

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      Has anyone got any predictions of the ordinary level art? Only started the subject in December and struggling to get through everything!

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      Has anyone got any good notes on impressionists: Monet,Degas,Renoir and post impressionists : Gaugain,Van teacher gave shit ones :/

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      this website is really good

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      Thanks so much !!

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      Mik3 - if you google SmartHistory- Khan Institute they have great videos with voice overs discussing and describing most important art pieces and they do it in front of the art work. For example they are IN the Sistine Chapel when they talk about it. They give all the key points you would need to know when discussing a painting. I think it will help bring Art History alive for you and their info is clear and concise. I use their videos all the time in my Art History class. Also narrow down - I usually do for Irish art : Stoneage ( Newgrange), Bronze Age, Christian Metalwork, Stone Crosses and Manuscripts , JB Yeats, Paul Henry and one other Irish modern artist. European - Giotto, Raphael, Michelangelo Da Vinci, then I skip to Caravaggio, and Vermeer. Then it's pot luck! I usually do Picasso, Van Gogh, Cezanne and ONE artist from Impressionism. Appreciation - Gallery/visitior Centre is almost always on in some form, Gaphics question too- poster design etc. and I also do the film question. It is a lot - and this is me narrowing it down!! You always have to choose eras/artists that have the most potential to be use. For example : Vermeer could answer a question on: Famous Baroque artist, Dutch Artist, Artist who painted indoor scenes, Artist who painted women, Artist who is know for his use of light as well as a straight forward question on Vermeer. So studying Vermeer gives you the potential to use him for, 6 versions of a question- see what I mean? At the end of each era and artist you study, ask yourself how many questions could you potentially use him/her for. Hope this is of some help. Try not to be overwhelmed. Take it one era/artist at a time.

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      One other thing = PLEASE be careful with predictions - remember many students read these and take them as almost definite - it is very hard to predict the Art History Leaving Cert paper so students don't take any of these thoughts on predictions as definites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a teacher talking!

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      how long are art history essays meant to be??

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