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    At a lose end, need clarification. Laura_6299

    Wondering if anyone could clear things up for me...

    What are the majority of people banking?

    I see a lot of New Grange/Bronze Age and The Gallery Q being mentioned. But as for European, I'm lost.

    From what I can see from past papers, Surrealism (Dali) or Cubism (Picasso) usually come up, one way or another. Do you think it'd would be okay just to learn the two of them, go over Gothic/Romanesque, Giotto, and maybe an Inpressionist (perhaps, Monet)? Or is that being a bit too specific?

    Starting to really stress out now...any help would be a big help!

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      *banking on

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      Early christian era always is guaranteed.. Most people are predicting Bronze Age considering Iron age came up last year also. But I wouldnt fully rule out Newgrange either.

      The Gallery Q is always guaranteed too, so it's the safest bet. I learn off a detailed essay and just twist it around then to suit the question asked.

      I'm kinda screwed with the European art, if the likes of Bottichelli came up i'd be thrilled.. Romanesque and Gothic are definites so maybe learn those and the sculptures like The Last Judgement and Well Of Moses. Giotto and Masaccio both came up in the pres so maybe theres a chance they'll make an appearance. If youre not too keen on Romanesque I'd say focus on Giotto and maybe Impressionism yeah.

      If you're stuck for notes the Kahn Academy on youtube do pretty decent discussions on the European stuff.

      Remember that question 14 (or 15 not sure) is pretty open. Like they ask on one artist or a theme and you can pick what you like, and the second part is often discussing an artist from that period too. So if the Q is a good one tomorrow you could get lucky.

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      @Rachel_1562 Thanks a million for your reply! You've helped put me at ease for a bit! Cheers! ☺️

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      Raphael is rumoured to come up in european, i have made out some notes if you want them? also knowing gothic and romanesque v well will get you through that section

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      newgrange , bronze age artefacts like gold disc and lanula, maybe manuscripts to be safe, european i would do massacio , giotto and michaelgelo, appreciation i normally do what ever question can be answered

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      These are all great but we never did Michaelangelo or Raphael or Bottichelli! 😱

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      just know gothic and romanesque really well

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