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Irish section
adam98 Leaving Cert Art — 12/06/16 7

Is there always a question on either stone age, bronze age or iron age?

Katiexx — 12/06/16
adam98 — 12/06/16
So if you study those 3 you are guarenteed a question?
Dearbhaile_5808 — 12/06/16
Iron Age came up last year so I'd say focus on the other two more this year!
adam98 — 12/06/16
So i wouldnt need to study christian period or vikings or that?
eimearclix — 12/06/16
new grange is definatly coming up
Katiexx — 12/06/16
Well looking through papers bronze iron and Stone Age seem to come up every year so because iron was up last year I'll focus on stone and Bronze Age!
Rebecca_9265 — 12/06/16
Yes it's broken down into different sections neolitical (newgrange) to Iron Age, the Christian art Ect.. So they have to bring up a question for each section ☺️
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