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    Romanesque art and architecture maisymono

    can someone please tell me how the Christian church influenced the development of art and architecture during the romanesque period? My teacher told me that during the Christian era many people thought that the world was going to end, but I don't know how to link this to Romanesque art and architecture

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      Since they thought the world was going to end, they built churches and pilgrimages to holy places. Due to may new churches being built it led to the development of Romanesque art/architecture. This is what we were told. Hoped it helped?

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      victoria Hurley

      europe had also been plagued by disease and war and when this ended people wanted show their gratitude to god so they decided they would build churches that would house relics from saints.This then led to the development of the route to st james gate in spain Santiago DE compostela

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      Thank you!

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      does anyone have a sketch of the tympanum at autun? The Last Judgement please?

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      Does St. Foy have groin vaults as well as barrel vaults?

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      Romanesque means Roman like

      The lead up to 1000AD Christains throughout Europe believed the world would end in 1000. These were the dark ages where arts, literature, science... Stopped developing. Focus was on religion and living good lives preparing for the end of the world. Also plagues...

      After 1000 ( realising the world did not end) Christians throughout Europe wanted to celebrate their devotion to God. They wanted places to worship. However a lot of the earlier developments in art architecture etc had been lost during the dark ages, perspective, vaulting....

      These people had to re learn how to do many things. They had lost the knowledge but had fine Roman examples all around them. So they looked to existing Roman examples of art & architecture, trying to emulate these & figuring out how they had been produced. This is why it is Roman like/ Romanesque. So their devotion to Christianity led to the demand for art & architecture & the sources they studied (Roman) led to the movements name.

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