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    Should I give up art or not? (currently in 5th year) emmajxx

    I got an A in art for the JC but am not feeling optimistic about art for the LC. I'm aware that only around 5% get an A at HL and I've seen how long the course is. I'm really contemplating whether its worth my while or not. I want to get an A and I feel its a lost cause if I feel all I can strive for is a B+ at best. Does anyone have any advice for me, whether it be a note of optimism for me or whether someone agrees with me that I should get out of Art as soon as I can. I just want to know that if I work hard at it, would it be possible (in your opinion or experience) to get an A.

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      That's a tough question, art can be really enjoyable, but also really stressful. For example, my LC practical exams are in two weeks and after that,we have nowhere near enough history done to answer the exam properly.

      But if you enjoy art it can be really lovely to go into a class you actually enjoy !

      As for getting an A, I know past students who were amazing artists and went on to study art and animation, but they still didn't get As. It's not impossible, but it's extremely difficult !

      I still love art class though.

      I'm sorry if I've confused you even more, but that's my two cents !

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      No, don't

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      Yeah u should do what u like

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      patrick 88

      well, if you feel like youll be stressed then don't do it. unless you feel that you will enjoy working on the project then i'd suggest not doing for the leaving

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      GET OUT!


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      NERD getting an A in the JC,stop studying!


      David Lynch

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      Please do it if you enjoy it and if your really good at art! Remember art history is only 37% of the paper and if you study one artist a week you'll be fine! Nothing's impossible if you believe you can it then you most definitely will! Follow your gut instinct!

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