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    Support studies Ckf2001

    I'm doing JC art, but i thought it would be a good idea to ask those who have already done JC art. What do you do in regards to support studies. My project is on Charlie and the Chocolate factory (Tim Burton version) so would i do my support studies on him and his art? Thank you

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      Support Studies is gathered sources that help you do your preparatory sheet which is those little preps.

      Now let me explain this to you, I haven't looked at this your paper for Junior Cert for this year but here is a break down on Support Studies;

      It should include images that inspire you based on your theme , so charlie and chocolate factory , get picture of chocolate or anything related.

      Always have images from different sources, newspaper , CD cover , online , magazine etc.

      Have at least two artist works that inspire you and tell them why their work inspires you. What you like about it and how you will incorporate that into your project ( craft work).

      Be clever with your support studies , don't just stick stuff on , think outside the box. Photo montage perhaps? Maybe do the background kind of old style by using tea bags. I would totally go and get chocolate wrappers etc and stick it onto the page then stick my images on. That would be cool. These are just some ideas

      Preparatory: Use mixed media , honestly use it! Don't be scared. Use watercolours , pencils , paint etc etc. I remember for my Junior Cert art I sewed paper prep.

      On both pages make it clear what your theme is, my one was ''Words I like : Photography''

      I hope it helped :)

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      Thanks , is the prep page just like drawing ideas and practice of my painting ?

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      Thought I'd also mention my idea for the actual painting is a portrait of Willy Wonka, or a poster like advertising the factory

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      Sorry for the late answer! Preparatory sheet is little mini drawings , half an A4 page for each. It is ideas that you have gotten from the support study!

      For example say if I put a picture of a ballet dancer standing on its tipey toes. on my support studies , in my preparatory sheet I will not draw the exact same image , I will get that image to help me form a new drawing such as a ballet dancer twirling or looking into the mirror.

      That is great! Best of luck. If you need anything email me at

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