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    What is supposed to come up? LaurenB98

    Does anybody know what topics are guaranteed to come up, or what artists are supposed to come up in the exam? What are the things I should definitely be studying?

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      You should definitely study the impressionist artists at least one of them come up I think and also I was looking at the trends of the exam paper and I think either Monet, Manet or Paul cezanne or Renoir might come up but I'm not sure. You can never be fully sure but that's who I'm definitely studying. I hope this helps.

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      Matisse is likely enough to come up because of the cut outs exhibition that was on at the Tate, plus he comes up fairly regularly anyway. If you want to study him I would make sure to know fauvism too.

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      In the Irish section you are guaranteed a question on either the Stone Age, the Bronze Age or the Iron Age.

      In the European section, as said above, you will get a question on Impressionism so study Monet, Renoir, Degas. Also look over Cézanne, Gauguin, Pissarro and van Gogh among others.

      In the Appreciation section you will be asked about a gallery visit but recently they are changing things a bit by incorporating technology into the question (websites, apps, etc.) I think questions on films come up as well but I wouldn't know for sure.

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      As well as that you seem to be always asked about gothic and/or romanesque style (European)

      Georgian and 19th/20th century artists as well (Irish)

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