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What's coming up on the history of art paper
Benk17 Leaving Cert Art — 01/06/16 9

Does anybody know what's most likely to come up in the history of art exam

Mark.Al28 — 18/05/16
Illuminated manuscripts are a safe bet for irish art
Benk17 — 18/05/16
What about newgrange what's its chances
Caseyc — 20/05/16
highly unlikely for newgrange, it was up last year so I would look at stone , bronze and iron age
Mark.Al28 — 20/05/16
New grange didn't come up last year ��
Mark.Al28 — 20/05/16
Newgrange is very likely I think
Sandler — 20/05/16
Newgrange because of the Easter Rising
Cli90 — 21/05/16
new grange and iron age??
Meganshanahan_ — 31/05/16
new grange Iron age and bronze age
Nicole_7967 — 01/06/16
Newgrange or Bronze age Romanesque architecture Product design and a gallery visit I think
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