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2015 exam paper
Jamie004 Leaving Cert Biology — 31/05/16 3

Was the 2015 exam paper supposed to be difficult? I'm saying this because we didn't do it in class and I just looked it and a lot of the questions are odd. There is a lot of questions that we haven't done or definitions we never went through. I'm worried because I thought the mock was fairly easy but the exam itself is a lot more difficult. Is the mock usually easier?

Mark.Al28 — 31/05/16
The 2015 biology paper was meant be be very hard
Jamie004 — 31/05/16
Yeah the questions are terrible. Hopefully they learnt their lesson this year. I hope the actual exam is more like the mock.
Thomaf97 — 31/05/16
i'm repeating and i can tell you last years exam was horrible, no one was happy with it
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