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    Best way to study for Biology? jamielovesmusic123

    I need some advice on how to study PROPERLY for Biology as I find it so difficult, I use flash cards and all that but it still doesn't sink in for some reason!.


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      Write the key definitions for each chapter and learn them off by heart.

      Then write short notes on each chapter and memorise them.

      Finally do exam papers!!!😇

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      do exam papers and write your own short notes in a way that you will remember them and try connect them with something you like :)

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      You can make a biology dictionary, in which you could write all the key terms and definitions. Other than that, just do exam paper over exam paper and learn revise the exam papers.

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      oh wait, i just noticed, you are a leaving cert student, oh god, i am junior cert. sorry. but still you could use these techniques.

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      1) Understand the terms 80% of the work.

      2) Try to learn the terms 20% of the work.

      3) Go over them after like a week or so and see if I can remember.

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      Draw out diagrams big and clear.

      Use colours when writing notes and small diagrams may help you remember.

      Do exam papers on each topic, this is so important as most questions repeat themselves.

      Look up some Biology videos on Youtube, seeing things visually and listening might help you remember rather then staring at a book.

      These help me for studying Biology yet they might not suit everyone.

      Hope that helps

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