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    Experiments Megs15

    Does anyone know for honours leaving cert biology, do u need to have exact amounts of solutions. etc for the experiments e.g. 10cm cubed of pH buffer 4 etc

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      I'm going to put it in just in case because that could be the difference between an A and a B

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      ok, thanks very much

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      Amounts aren't required for the LC .. just the method and chemicals

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      No need, just details like Time,temp etc eg leave in incbator at 20 deg for 48 hours

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      Does anyone know if they check they experiments like they did for the junior cert

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      if an inspector comes in they may ask to see them , you dont actually hand them up though

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      im doing an experiment in my school and am looking for a willing participant to help me.

      He/she must be flexible and be willing to do what ever it takes to get results.

      It will helps if your ass hole has already been broken in .

      cheers ballymun bean squasher

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      still looking for some help xxx

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