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    What are the most important biology chapters? Uselessatschool

    Hi, im just wondering what are the most important chapters to study for biology?

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      they're all important, the only one chapter that hasn't come up in any past exam is The Characteristics of life. My recommendation is to just study every chapter as best as you can, they're all important. Some would have come up often than others. You never know what will be in front of you in June:)

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      genetics, ecology, Photosysnthesis/ respiration come up on long questions EVERYYEAR. i also feel the Kidney chapter this june is coming up. also plant sexual reproduction id tipped. i'm an hons biology teacher. hope this help.

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      Thank you both very much :)

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      My suggestion: study the whole book something from it is bound to come up

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      Reproduction in people also comes up often!

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      Ecology comes up every year and it's SUCH easy marks. Also human reproduction and Protein Synthesis are tipped to come up by the Institute of Ed. I'm leaving out excretion because I know I'm not gunna do it, but that's all!

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      Thank you! :)

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