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    Anyone know how to answer this? Shaun_1742

    Strenuous exercise results in a rapid change to the levels of two gases in the blood. Outline how each gas is affected and describe the mechanism by which these levels are brought back to normal through the breathing system.

    And also this one please

    Describe the mechanisms of the water salt balance of the blood is returned to normal after a person drinks a large volume of water.



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      #1: O2 and CO2.

      O2 levels decrease and CO2 levels increase.

      Increase in CO2 levels detected by Medulla Oblongata which makes us breath deeper/more frequently.

      Gaseous exchange takes place in Alveoli by difffusion

      #2 High water content supresses production of ADH by pituitary. This means that less water passes out of Loop of Henle back into blood so more water passes through ureter into bladder. Water is excreted.

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      Thanks :D

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