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    bacteria and yeast Donalm321

    I was just wondering if someone could tell me all of the key differences between bacteria and yeast

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      Yeast uses a type of a-sexual reproduction that is known as budding, while bacteria reproduce asexually by binary fission.. Bacteria prokaryotes and yeast are eukaryotes. Thats all i can come up with so if someone could help please do!

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      Yeasts are single celled, saprophytic, reproduce asexually by budding.

      Bacteria are single celled, saprophytic or parasitic, pathogenic or non-pathogenic, reproduce asexually by binary fission

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      Yeast (saccharomyces) are members of the Fungi Kingdom.

      Bacteria are members of the Monera kingdom.

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      They're both used used for commercial advantages.

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      Conor Brennan

      bacteria an be chemosynthetic also

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