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    Biology exam Question tara2013

    Caterpillars have mouth parts that are suitable for chewing on leaves, whereas the adult form, the butterfly, has long sucking mouth parts. Suggest how having different types of mouth parts reduces competition between the adults and the young of such species.

    I would really appreciate any answers 😊😄

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      If they are eating different types of leaf to suit their mouth type,they do not need to compete for food with each other as they have enough resources to su vice? Don't know if that's right but it's what I'd say

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      Sorry mean to survive

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      Thank you for the help :)

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      Caterpillars use their mouths to cut through various types of leaves. Butterflies use their large tongue to take nectar and pollen out of flowers, because of this their diets are completely different and there is no competition for food between the adult butterfly and the young caterpillars.

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      Thank you😄

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