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    Do we need to know about AIDS (causes mechanics and prevention) for the exam eimearhickey

    In my book in the viruses chapter they give us 3/4 of a page about aids and its causes prevention and mechanics and I don't know if I need to know about it because it's in the purple box with a question mark but I don't know if it's important or not???

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      And I'm talking about June not the mocks !

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      No. Just be aware that AIDS affects the function of helper T cells

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      AIDS is not specifically mentioned on the syllabus so you will not be asked a specific question about it.

      You need to know about STD's and viral diseases, name examples of each, and give cause, treatment, etc.

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      the purple box with a question mark just means interesting fact, if it has a pencil beside it you need to be able to draw , if it has a red dot it is asked often

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      brian-96, what ARE you talking about??????????????? or are you smoking something interesting?

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      Lads aids is an absolute b*tch to catch, some young ones these days are mouldy. Be careful out there!

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      bridgetown mate im talking about the biology plus book theres codes that indicate whatt has to be done

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