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dropping to OL biology??
Isobel_5805 Leaving Cert Biology — 13/06/16 5

wondering if theres much difference between the hl and ol papers??

sunderlandlol — 13/06/16
So much of a difference in the questions way easier and a lot more simply worded
Carmine — 13/06/16
wouldn't say it's worth it
Isobel_5805 — 13/06/16
if i got a d2 in higher in the mocks would it be possible to pass the hl paper again, ive done little to no study though
KyleMcC98 — 13/06/16
The LC is usually easier! Just go over genetics ecology and stuff and U can do the HL paper
Isobel_5805 — 13/06/16
perfect think ill stick to HL, thank you!
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