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Enzymes Help !!!!
orlafarrell123 Leaving Cert Biology — 03/10/16 3

what is an example of enzyme specificity?

Renitha R — 03/10/16
I'm only in 2nd year but we've done digestion and I think that an enzyme is a protein that speeds up a reaction without being used up in the reaction. So an example would be amylase
Katelyn4 — 03/10/16
enzyme specificity means that an enzyme will only work with only one substrate. Example would be amylase (enzyme) works on starch (substrate) to make maltose (product).
anachu17 — 03/10/16
enzyme specificity is the fact that enzymes dont work for all substrates . each enzyme acts on a unique substrate.for example the enzyme amylase only acts on starch it doesnt act on lipids.
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