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Experiment question - Measurements?
chi_morgan Leaving Cert Biology — 11/06/16 3

For Leaving Cert HL biology do you need to put in the exact measurements you used for the experiment questions? For example 20cm cubed of calcium chloride etc or would you just be able say mixture of calcium chloride and distilled water ? There's just so many measurements!

kieran.gormley.50 — 04/06/16
No you don't, you can just say 'some' (or 'an equal amount of' if there's two)! They're looking for procedure/chemical names.
chi_morgan — 05/06/16
Thank you!
EmmaO'Byrne — 11/06/16
Don't stress Chiara you'll do great! :) <3 Im pretty sure you don't need exact measurements for the experiments x
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