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    failed biology by 1 percent Lony

    do ye think I can get A1 if i studied hard until the two month?lost hope I need help

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      It would be too hard at this stage to go up that much grades

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      look over the pre again, i failed by 1% too and my teacher went threw it and i got brought up to a D3

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      A1 is hard work BUT don't be discouraged. there's still time left to defo bring up your grades if you put in the hard graft. If you're struggling speak to your teacher and ask for some help? youtube videos are also good for explaining stuff which can help with concepts like the heart, circulation etc.. I find what helps me is reading through the material briefly and then answering all the exam questions right down to 2001 trying to NOT look at the answers unless I really need to. The questions I don't know I mark with a highlighter and the next day try to answer them again without the answer etc etc until it goes in. I start every study with at least 20 mins of revision of the day before. Hopefully this helps.. good luck in June :D

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      thanks guys

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      Is it Deb or examcraft the exam that u did it ??

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      I did the Deb exam

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      Its not hard to go up at all, i literally did no study for the biology mock 100 percent so, yes it definately possible.

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      thank you chris i didnt study for biology i just studied a week before the mocks. the mocks were awakening for me and i am literally studying 5 hours a day

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      thank you peaches your advise is really helpful . and good luck to you too in june

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      Do you have the deb one ?? i need please

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      Do you have the deb one ?? i need it please

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      Do you have the deb one ?? i need it please

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      Weam yes i did the deb one but I didnt get my actual paper back so when I get my actual paper back I will send you .

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      Yes please i really need it lony :) Thanksss

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      Btw was it hard ?? cuz the examcraft is really easy

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      to be honest i cant remember it was mix of everything. i didnt study for biology i just studied a week before but the eye and the ear came up, lot on the ear and the eye

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      @Lony Would you mind sending me the DEB biology paper when you get it to please? And I think you can defo improve your grade by a lot if you study hard for the next two months! It'll be worth it!

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      ya i got it so can ye send me your emails to send ye.

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      hey I think the best way to study for biology is to go through the exam questions ... the questions an sometimes be very similar

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