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    feeling hopeless :( :( EmmaH

    I am doing my tests but I don't understand anything and my teacher wont help me, none of the revision books work i have tried using flash cards but they wont work. Any other ways???? Thanks

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      My tip would be just doing exam questions after exam questions. Whatever you get wrong, mark it and keep going. When you have done a good few questions on a chapter go back and look at the ones that you have gotten wrong. Write down the definition/diagram/question and learn it. It worked for me, I hope it works for you.

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      Maybe try the V.A.R.K quiz? In my school we have to take the quiz every year. It determines the best way to learn. V stands for visual like diagrams, spider webs, pictures etc. A stands for aural (listening) like songs about topics, listening to the language etc. R is for reading and writing notes. K is for kinesthetic meaning doing things like activities to learn. You'll find the quiz easily online. After you know which one you are google some ideas of learning. For example I'm visual and write and read. So i draw spider web diagrams and write the notes and read instead of doing activities because I know activities aren't going to help me learn :)

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      Thank you all so much the exam papers help so much and now I get a better understanding of biology

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      D.C. Sean

      This may sound crazy but maybe you should also try applying it to real life. For example if you hurt your upper arm don't say "I hurt my arm" say "I hurt my humerous". In addition if you ever cut yourself by accident and you start to bleed the first thing you should be thinking is "white blood cells, platelets, haemoglobin". This definetely works for me and I always get an 'A' although it does help that I want to be a doctor and thus have a passion the subject.

      Hope this helps!!

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