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Genetic crosses
Kaitlin17 Leaving Cert Biology — 22/11/16 2

In a flower red petal is dominant to white petal. A plant, homozygous for the dominant allele is crossed with a plant with white petals. A) suggest suitable symbols for the two alleles b) give the genotypes of each parent c) give the genotypes of the gametes produced by each parent d) give the genotype of the F1 progency e) give the phenotype of the f1 progency??????????????

kieramaloney — 22/11/16
(A) crcr - homo red crcw - hetero red cwcw - home white (B) CRCR X CWCW (C) (CR)(CR) X (CW)(CW) if you put them into a punnet square and cross multiply you will get your answer to be CRCW a heterozygous red petal flower as red petals are dominant over white and in this case white is recessive so they are dominant from the above information you should be able to answer part D and E yourself! i hope that helped
Kaitlin17 — 22/11/16
Thanks so much !��
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