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    Genetics sryan97

    Is it possible to avoid genetics when you do higher level biology for the exam?? as I really don't understand it.

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      Genetic comes every year as a long question, it's pretty hard to avoid

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      ok thanks very much :)

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      It is possible to avoid it! It is a guaranteed question, however about 90% of my biology class are going to leave genetics out. But if you do leave it out you might be left having to do a horrible question on another topic. Up to you at the end of the day, but if a genetic cross comes up its usually worth a good lot of marks and are never very difficult so it might be worth having a look over!

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      Kelly tormey

      if you avvoid genetics can your avoid the DNA experiment?

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      You can avoid the genetics theory question. You could avoid the DNA experiment if it comes up (it will prob come up as a separate experiment question, not with the genetics theory etc) but to be honest I would know that experiment just in case there's a horrible question on the paper which you'd rather avoid! Last thing you want is to not have enough questions to answer!

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      thanks for your help :) ya i think I'll learn it cause i dont like the questions that come up for respiration & photosynthesis. any one have any tips for trying to understand it? I asked my teacher and I think they confused me even more!

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