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HL Biology
Damonr117 Leaving Cert Biology — 13/06/16 4

If I had time left over in the exam to do another long question, would I be penalised for it or would my top 4 long questions be marked?

timmy_x — 12/06/16
Nope, top 4 be marked!
jxcoyle — 12/06/16
no i would do it if you have the time, im going to anyways
John smith234 — 12/06/16
In biology you get way more time than you need for the exam so if there is an extra question that you think you can do good in then do it. But if you are going to do another question just for no reason then its pointless.
Damonr117 — 13/06/16
Ok thank you all :) good luck in the exam!
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