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    HL Biology, possibly even worse than lasts years papers?? OrlaOM

    What did everyone make of it? Thought short qs and parts of long qs were very difficult

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      Jack h

      agree, very disapointed.

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      Short questions and even some parts of the experiments I thought were crazy

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      the second last part of the first experiment q about the ph or something literally meant no sense?? and food q was by far the worst ever

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      I agree. Like what other element is there meant to be besides nitrogen in proteins that aren't in anything else.

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      the question on interphase was really weird? did anyone understand it?

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      or phosphorus

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      Saqs were mean experiments tricky but easily doable. The ph was just to ensure a fair test! Long qs the 'easiest' section

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      It was such shite paper

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      I was aiming for a B2 but I fucked that so badly

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      I said phosphate but it was still really awkward

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      Imelda Morrissey

      Needed a high B 😐 Let's see if I pass now

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      Ahhhh ladssss.. don't drill on it. It was an awful paper, I agree. Hoping for the pass as well, buuut let's just go forward, and don't look back. We're only making us feel bad.

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      Last years paper was a lot harder

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      There's one guy in my biology class that got 95 in the mocks and I'm pretty sure he's got 100 percent in his LC

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      Ah now it was grand like

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      Pretty beany

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      It wasn't bad. Maybe a few of the short questions but it was doable

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      The mock paper was easier I thought.. Was aiming to get an A1 but i'd say a C will do at this stage.. fucked it all up

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      paper was ridiculous! my biology teacher said afterwards that its the hardest paper she's ever seen so shes expecting a very lenient marking scheme which is good news for higher level!

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      The short qs were cancerous. And I didn't study Seed Germination because it came up last year. There are also a few qs not even on the course. Imagine if they put some random essay in history that had nothing to do with the course. People would go crazy.

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      got an A in the mock and every test I ever done in biology but it is safe to say i wont be getting an A in that! Felt the questions were extremely specific and some of the wording was quite bad in particular questions. Hopefully the marking scheme is very lenient!!!

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      What were those question all about ? Like "Explain how blood goes through the veins" OMg , why couldn't just ask a whole question about heart? to give some more ways to answere the blood question

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      Ya what were thr vein answers one was renal,pulmonary,venule...other two? Capillary?

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      Got a C in my mock and was looking for a high C. Theres a 90% chance I failed meaning I won't get my college place now..

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      sure it was piss easy lads

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      if lots of people found it hard, it will be marked easier than other years to make sure the results go with the bell curve of the national average

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      If yuz hadda studied you'd have been alright. That paper favoured the common sense kinda student lololol

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      This small write-up in today's Irish Independent says it all...

      (Scroll down to about halfway to see Biology Paper)

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