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    HL biology Predictions? Lauren79

    anyone know whats coming up on the higher biology paper?

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      Something on sex

      Bit on Genetics

      Darwins evolution theory

      Digestive systems

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      I say the heart will come up!

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      Excretion, the nephron

      The senses- eye and ear

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      John smith234

      look in the papers and you can see the trends.

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      Digestive system was a full long question so I wouldn't focus on it as much. The paper last yr was also heavy on micro..

      I'd be inclined to think

      1. Excretion

      2. Skeleton/Bones

      3. Cell diversity/Cell structure

      4. Resp/Photosynthesis

      5. Nervous system

      Experiments- The photosynthesis experiment is very likely, as is osmosis, enzyme immobilisation

      Eye/ear (eye i believe) as a short question, definitely

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