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    leaving cert biology (HL) studybug1996

    I really need help !! im trying to aim for HL biology this year and its my last year in school. Does any one have any helpful tips or ideas that I can use so study becomes less confusing because reading straight from the book is torture !! and what should I be focusing on to do well in my biology tests. Help please :)

    Thanks :)

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      Study it one topic at a time and keep testing yourself. this might be worth a read also

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      Thanks :)

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      Some people are visual learners that like doing spider diagrams etc, to help study, or theres people who prefer to say things out loud. Find which you prefer and stick to it !

      More info here -

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      Also bear in mind the layout of the paper - up to now every single year has had questions on ecology, photosynthesis/respiration and make sure you focus on these chapters and know them really well...

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      I'm an A1 student in Biology, I usually read over the chapters, highlighting what I find important, write out notes from what is highlighted and and as you go along, write down questions to do with the notes, once you're done studying that chapter, go and see how many questions you can answer. It's a good guide to what you still need to go over and what you already know.

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      thanks guys this ino has helped :)

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      * info

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