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leaving cert predictions
loveemmaxxxx Leaving Cert Biology — 19/05/16 10

hey does anyone have predictions for leaving cert 2016 :)

Tiernan_5845 — 11/05/16
genetics ha
michaels — 11/05/16
Ecology, Genetics, Respiration, Photosynthesis, (Fungi/ Bacteria those chapters) Also you should know everything to do with blood and plants If you know those you'll get a B3 at the VERY least
michaels — 11/05/16
By those chapters I also mean Protista and Viruses
Joshua_1557 — 11/05/16
I heard the ear is coming up
bridgetown1 — 12/05/16
Not sure how you work that out, Michaels. 3 perfect Sec C questions gives you 180/400. A B3 requires 280/400. Knowing just those topics well would leave you hovering around 200/400, maybe 220 max (a C3).
euanan — 12/05/16
larabrennox — 12/05/16
ecology,genetics, plant and human reproduction (nearly every year) for 2016 the kidney the senses (ear eye) the blood and heart are all due up!
bundoranboy — 16/05/16
abcdef — 19/05/16
How do u know @ larabrennox ?
shaun.wallace.3994 — 19/05/16
They haven't come up in a while and endocrine
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